About Audio Digital Enterprises

About Audio Digital Enterprises

Gene Crout

Audio Digital Enterprises is owned and operated by Composer, Engineer and Producer Gene Crout. Gene graduated Cum Laude from the University of Miami's School of Music in Coral Gables, Florida. He has worked in both the computer science and audio industries for over 20 years.

Gene began playing and writing music in elementary school. His extensive background in computer application began back in 1984 during high school, working on the original IBM PCs. Classes in Basic, COBOL, Fortran, and other programming languages sparked his interest in computing.

While pursuing his degree in Music Theory and Composition from 1988-'91, Gene worked as the computer operator and database manager for Photonet, an information network for professional photographers. Before the Internet became a household word, Gene was already involved widespread data dissemination through MCI Mail. This computing background continued while he worked as a database manager for a large southeast regional HMO.

Gene moved to Colorado where his professional career took a turn from PC support and Help Desk operations to Audio Production. In 1994 he was hired by Jones Interactive Systems to work in their new CD-ROM development group. As Audio Engineer and Interactive Software Production Assistant, Gene provided his music and computer skills to such products as the Jones Telecommunications and Multimedia Encyclopedia and the Charlton Heston's Voyage Through the Bible CD-ROMs. Graphic processing, audio editing and music composition were just a few of his contributions to these products. He also contributed over two hours of original music to a CD-ROM entertainment title called Media Tycoon, which went unreleased by Jones Digital Century when they shut down their CD-ROM development group in 1997.

In June of 1997, Gene opened Audio Digital to offer his audio production, music composition and computer skills to everyone. AD has provided original music, audio production, computer and audio consulting, and graphic design services to clients such as Jones Digital Century and Jones Educational Media, Digital Creators, Audio RnR, Harcourt College Publishers and Dryden Online, Kreative Media, KRMT TV 41 and Daystar Television, Paragon Solutions, Inc., Rich Media Technologies, Inc., Wagner Data, America Gomorrah, Junker Jorg, Mark Sherak, Dave Emmitt and others.

A brief stint as Audio Producer at TCI's (next AT&T's and now Comcast's) National Digital Television Center (NDTC) in Englewood, Colorado would expand Gene's audio experience into the areas of television, radio and film production for such clients as Columbia Tristar Pictures, Encore Media and Encore Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Health TV, Polygram, Outdoor Life Network, Telecommunications Inc. (TCI), Hallmark Entertainment, Universal Pay-TV, Stars!, Warner Bros. Inc., Paramount Pictures Inc., Request Television and others.

Gene's involvement in his own band, America Gomorrah, has further refined his music production skills and expanded the services AD now offers. Fully producing every aspect of their debut release Exchanging Truth for a Lie, which has received wide critial acclaim since its release in April 2000, gave Gene the experience he would need to offer his production services to other artists. Righteous Sinner Records was born to provide independent artists an outlet for their music. Additionally, Gene has developed his skill in website design, graphic design and now offers those skills to the independent music and interactive development communities..

Finally, Gene is also sharing his love of music and knowledge of the guitar and bass with others. Gene is offering beginning through advanced lessons on electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, vocal performance, MIDI and recording studio production. Gene began playing bass guitar in 1978 at age 11. In 1980 he added in guitar and has played both throughout his life. While working on his BM in Composition, Gene's "principle instrument" was classical guitar which he studied intensively under Rene Gonzales. Gene has played guitar and bass in bands from blues to metal and from rock to Irish folk.

Composer, Engineer, Producer, Guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist, Artist, Worship Leader, Consultant, Teacher, Husband and Father.


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