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Instrumental Music
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Audio Digital offers private instruction
in the following areas:

Guitar and Bass Instruction

Vocal Instruction
Music Theory, Ear Training,
Improvisation, Songwriting
and Performance Coaching
Recording and Production


Reverb Lessons

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  Gene Crout / Audio Digital is now offering
Online Lessons!
If you have a webcam and broadband internet access, you can take lessons over the web,
in real time, without ever leaving your home!


A few things to know about Gene Crout and Audio Digital...
  • Gene and Audio Digital have been serving the greater Denver community for over 18 years.

  • Gene is a Thumbtack Top Pro and is a Student Favorite!.

  • Many of Gene's students have been with him for over 3 years, with some students continuing for over 10 years!. Unparalleled student retention!

  • Gene is a cum laude graduate of the University of Miami's School of Music with a degree in Music Theory and Composition.

  • Gene has been playing electric and acoustic guitar and electric bass for over 35 years and has played professionally in blues, folk, rock, metal, classical and worship ensembles.

  • Gene studied Classical Guitar as his Principal Instrument under Rene Gonzales while pursuing his Degree at UM.

  • Gene completed a Vocal Pedagogy course with the world renoun Dr. Scott Martin of
  • Gene received his Substitute Teaching License and has received a Statement of Eligibility for the Alternative Teacher Licensing Program from the Colorado Department of Education.

  • Has worked as a professional Producer and Audio Engineer in Denver since 1994 and has produced audio for television, radio, film, Internet, CD-ROM and commercially released music CDs.


Guitar and Bass lessons

Learn how to...

  • Properly hold and play your instrument to maximize your ability to play both immediately and in the future.
  • Play chords, scales, arpeggios and all the riffs and licks you need to shred with the best of them.
  • Not only play chords, but fully understand them by learning the secret of how chords are created on the guitar - what we call Guitar Inversion!
  • Create chords you don't technically "know" by learning how to alter chords you do know.
  • Understand and apply scales to soloing and improvisation - simply knowing a scale is worthless unless you know how to properly apply it!
  • Play with hammer-ons, pull-offs and tapping, pinch harmonics, and more.
  • Read either standard notation or tablature, or both, or how to get the most out of your instrument without reading at all.
  • How to do what you want to do with your instrument (refinement of YOUR technique).

    Gene has the experience only a fulltime, lifetime, professional guitarist can give you. Self taught on guitar but refined in school, Gene understands how to get you where you are going in the fastest way possible. As a professional player in a weekly performing group, Gene is able to immediately adapt his style and sound and can help you learn how to do the same.


Vocal Instruction

Learn how to...

  • Employ the European Vocal Method (or "Lower Costal Diaphragmatic Breathing") to achieve a wider and more modern range of ability than the traditional Bel canto vocal method employed in most academic choir departments.
  • "EQ" or equalize the sound and frequencies of your voice through control of your "Resonance".
  • Modify the tone and character of your voice with proper "Placement".
  • Use "Vowel Modification" to correct problems in your ability to sing certain words in certain melodies.
  • Increase your range through proper control of breathing and body.
  • Use "Stylization", "Density", "Texturing" and more to become the singer you have always wanted to be!
  • Properly prepare your mind and your body for going into the studio to record.
  • Use recording as an invaluable vocal learning tool.

Gene has been singing longer thanhe has played any other instrument in his arsenal. While he has only been teaching Vocal Performance for a short time, he has spent literally a lifetime in its study. Gene has coached countless clients through vocal recording sessions in his studio since 1997. His outstanding vocal production ability is one of the draws for many clients. Let Gene help you take your vocal ability to new heights you never thought you could achieve!


Music Theory, Ear Training, Improvisation, Songwriting and Performance Coaching

Learn how...

  • Music interrelates
  • Scales and modes work
  • Chord theory works so you can instantly know how to play any chord anywhere
  • To improvise and solo in and around keys and how to anticipate where a piece of music is likely to move
  • To achieve Relative Pitch - much more useful and practical than Perfect Pitch and actually attainable
  • To learn songs by ear to teach yourself the music you want to know
  • To refine your songwriting skills or develop new ones
  • To actually produce your own song demos in a fully professional studio, Audio Digital
  • To refine your performance on stage from a weekly professional performer and front man in his own band

    A composer throughout his life, Gene has been studying songwriting and composition from day one. He refined those skills through his Composition degree, then even further in composing and producing for games, radio, television and web. Fronting his own band, America Gomorrah, and working weekly in the worship team at West Bowles Community Church, Gene fully understands the intricacies of arrangement, instrumental interaction, dynamics and drama in a performance. As an Engineer and Producer of multiple commercial CD releases, Gene knows how to draw the best performance out of a player and produce a quality product. He can help you learn those same skills too!


Audio Production

Learn how to...

  • Design and setup your own home studio on virtually any budget
  • Use MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to compose music or connect your studio
  • Record in the digital or analog domain
  • Achieve the best recording results from any setup
  • Properly use standard recording and production techniques like Gain Staging, Compression, Equalization (EQ), and Effects processing
  • Actually use your own home studio!
  • Click here to download the current Audio Production Syllabus.

    Gene has been working with MIDI since 1988, a mere 5 years since its inception. Beginning with Cakewalk 2.0 for DOS, upgrading all the way to Cakewalk Pro Audio before jumping from PC to MAC. Learning Mark of the Unicorn's Performer and Digital Performer and Digidesign ProTools 2.0, before TDM, before realtime anything. Then upgrading through ProTools III, TDM and then RTAS, finally settling in on the latest and greatest Digidesign's ProTools HD, Gene has been doing digital audio since its been done. Gene has the experience and expertise to help you learn to use and maximize any piece of gear you own.

    Learning all these things from the ground up, on his own, has given Gene a passion for helping others to learn how to produce their own music. If you have a question, Gene most likely has an answer. And if he doesn't he'll tell you straight up, then after being overcome by an overwheming need to find the answer, you will learn it together!




A musician throughout his life

and a professional teacher, producer and artist as a career,

Gene can help you learn or refine
any musical skill you might desire!



Audio Digital is a private facility
located just off Ralston Rd / 58th St
between Carr and Garrison in Arvada.

Call for an appointment

Please call Gene Crout at 303-467-9499

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