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America Gomorrah
Exchanging Truth for a Lie

Righteous Sinner Records is proud to announce our newest release!

CPR Volume 4

CPR Volume 4 is the fourth in a series of compilations CDs featuring Christian artists in Progressive Rock. CPR Volume 4 contains 78 minutes of music from 10 different artists from around the world. Righteous Sinner Records has once again partnered with Threshing Floor Records to continue advancing the genre of Christian Progressive Rock in the World.

Featuring Music From:

Visual Cliff
Eric Parker
Gene Crout
Kinetic Element
Supernal Endgame

Righteous Sinner Records is once again proud to be a part of the CPR Project!

CPR Volume 4 is part of our continued effort to bring compelling,
spiritually uplifting music to the world.

CPR Volumes 1 through 4 can be
purchased from the Audio Digital Enterprises Store page
through completely secure, encrypted SSL technology.

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